Divorce Law

Divorce Advice For Women

It is never an easy decision to initiate divorce proceedings against your husband, and such decisions  usually come at the end of months – or years – of heartache and denial. Bearing this in mind, it’s fair to say that most women facing divorce simply want the whole thing over as quickly as possible, and… Continue reading Divorce Advice For Women

Divorce Law

Divorce Advice For Men

If you are a man facing divorce, then it pays to know what divorce is likely to mean for you. Of course your major concerns are going to revolve around your children, your house and your other assets – under English law, it is quite normal for a divorce to leave a couple’s house transferred… Continue reading Divorce Advice For Men


How to Become a Paralegal

Are you interested in finding out how to become a paralegal? Nowadays there are a variety of choices available to people who desire to get into particular career fields, and the area of paralegal work and earning paralegal degrees isn’t any exception for this motivation. After you’ve got all the information at hand, you’ll then… Continue reading How to Become a Paralegal

Work Injury

Back Injury at Work?

Back injuries at work are very common, and in some circumstances employees can make a compensation claim against their employer. In this article we discuss what and how people can make a claim. Definition Back injuries at work can be mild or so severe that they are incapacitating and are one of the most common… Continue reading Back Injury at Work?