Divorce Law

Divorce Advice For Women

It is never an easy decision to initiate divorce proceedings against your husband, and such decisions  usually come at the end of months – or years – of heartache and denial. Bearing this in mind, it’s fair to say that most women facing divorce simply want the whole thing over as quickly as possible, and so the best advice that can be given is to prepare as much as you can before you first speak to divorce lawyers, in order to avoid unnecessary delays, complications and pain.

Preparing your financial information

Perhaps the number one area for preparation is your finances. Before you even see a divorce lawyer, you should gather and collate all your financial information and supporting paperwork, such as recent bank statements, credit card statements, household bills, mortgage details and details of any savings accounts, bonds or investments – whether made jointly or on your own. Details of your joint and solo income are also important, including pay slips and tax returns for as far back as you can find. These will all help the Court when it decides on matters such as the division of assets and maintenance payments.

Remember – it is vital for a woman to be as fully aware of both her and her husband’s financial situation as possible in the lead-up to a divorce. There are too many women who think their divorce is all dealt with, only to find out after the final decree that their ex-husband has in fact been hiding money and investments from them for many years. Another danger is being unaware of your husband’s possible debts, since hidden debt will drastically reduce the settlement you would expect from a divorce. Worst of all is debts in your joint name, as even a divorce will not end your liability for these.

Divorce Advice For Women

Finding the right divorce lawyers

There are many lawyers out there specialising in divorce, but it’s also worth looking for one that has a lot of experience dealing with divorce from a woman’s point of view. They will be thoroughly familiar with every aspect of the law concerning what women should expect. The search for the right divorce lawyers should take place as soon as possible, alongside the preparation of your documents.

Again – preparation is the key to a smooth divorce. If you have all your affairs in order and know which lawyers you will be working with then the smoother the divorce will run and the sooner you can get on with starting a new life.