Medical Negligence

Breast reduction compensation claims

If you have recently had unsuccessful breast reduction surgery, then you are not alone. Breast reduction, is known as a reduction mammaplasty in women or gynecomastia in men.

This type of  surgery involves removing the excess fat from around the breasts. This, in turn, will make them appear smaller.

You may have chosen to undergo breast reduction surgery for cosmetic, comfort or health reasons. However, you may feel that the treatment you got was not of a high standard.

Breast reduction surgery is actually one of the most popular operations in the UK. It is very popular among young females.

Breast reduction surgery usually involves the removal and repositioning of the persons nipples. It can create a scar from the nipple downwards and a horizontal scar in the crease below the breast.

However, many people who have underwent the surgery may have suffered some kind of disfigurement or they may feel unhappy with the final results.

unsuccessful breast reduction surgery

The common types of complaints are:

– Excessive scarring
– Asymmetrical breasts
– Loss of the nipple itself or loss of nipple sensation
– Breasts which remain droopy after the procedure.
– Asymmetrical nipples, where one appears higher than the other

If you’ve suffered any kind of mental or physical injury as a result of negligent breast surgery, you may be able to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

The average amount that can be claimed for unsuccessful breast reduction surgery depends greatly on the negligence that has occurred.

If your complaint is Excessive scarring, you could hope to receive anywhere between £1500 – £3000 on average.  If you were to experience the loss of a nipple, then your compensation amount would start at around £10000.

If you experience unsuccessful breast reduction surgery, it is important you seek advice immediately.